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Vocals,  Percussion

Born:  Epsom, Surrey. 

Grew up with The Carpenters, Dionne Warwick, Neil Diamond but an 80's girl and a secret raver. 

Likes:  live music, authentic people, great company and constant self discovery, ooh and wine. 

Dislikes: Peppers and hangovers. Dressing rm.  Scotch & Coke

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Bass Guitar

Born:    Keswick Cumbria UK

Music Influence:  Black Sabbath, Dubliners, ELO, Graham Bell, Pink Floyd

Likes:  Life, Food, Music, Wine, Watersports and Aviation (all at the same time if possible)

Dislikes:  Hypocrisy, False hope, False teeth and Chillies!

Dressing Room Requirements (Rider):  Coffee and Biscuits preferably served in the style of Raffles, Singapore.

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Terence (Mr T)

Guitar and Vocals

Born:    Brighton,  UK

Music Influence:    All ... Old and New 

Likes:    Almodovar movies, Oriental Food,  Adventure

Dislikes:    Hypocrisy,  Desiccated Coconut (is that how you spell decisated?),  Sport

Dressing Room Requirements (Rider):    Cold white wine  (that’s about it!)

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Co Profile.JPG

Keyboards and Vocals

Corinne (Co)

Born:    Essex,  UK

Music Influence:    Eagles,  Prokofiev,  Pink Floyd

Likes:    Cats,  Spirituality,  Nature,  'Meeko' and 'Tolo' the human dogs 

Dislikes:    Cruelty in any form,  Spam,  Deep Water,

Dressing Room Requirements (Rider):    Bach Flowers,  Essential Oils,  Incense

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Guitar and Vocals

Born:    West Bromwich, UK

Music Influence:   Eagles, Wishbone Ash, Little River Band

Likes:   Live music, especially playing it!  

All of my guitars (should read 'Loves').  

Cooking,  Red Wine and 'Startrek'.

Dislikes:    Cider, People/animal/guitar abusers and being let down.

Dressing Room Requirements (Rider):  A dressing room, 

what a novelty, usually it's the toilet or the car park!

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Drums and Percussion

Born:   St Neots UK 
 Music Influence:   Jimi Hendrix - Whitesnake - Cream - Rainbow
 - Alter Bridge - Van Halen - Billy Cobham - Ginger Baker - Scott Philips - Nico McBrain  ..... to mention a few!

Likes:   Good rock, Good food - Kraken!

Dislikes:   Scammers, false people
Dressing Room Requirements (Rider):  Nothing in particular, I'm a simple soul!

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Mysterious Lady

Sound, Admin  and much much more

Born:   At an early age
 Music Influence:   Whatever the band play!

Likes:   Good music, food, wine and OK People

Dislikes:   Sprouts!
Dressing Room- not  required  - strictly front of house!

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Born:    2014 - location unknown

Band Role:    Chica magnet

 Music Influence:    the OK band - he knows nothing else!
Likes:   Food
Dislikes:   Not eating
Dressing Room Requirements (Rider):
Food, food and more food … please, anything!!!

The Band: Bio
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