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Out with 2023 - in with 2024

We ask nothing else ......

........but to play our music and enjoy the company of our friends who choose to join us in our endeavour. 

Whilst not mandatory, we ask for a small donation to a charity, that we carefully choose, to benefit from our concerts. Our main criteria is that all of the donations are channelled directly to that worthy cause.

As a result of your generosity, this year, a total of €24,722 has made its way to, helping homeless people, children in need, animals, support for those who need to get through illness and individuals who are in real need of support.

We are eternally grateful that you all choose to support our charities and, in turn, they continue to demonstrate that your money really makes a difference, at ground level and every cent goes directly to all those in need. 

As we embark upon a new year, we are buoyed by the fact that we have your support and will continue in our quest to produce the best music that we can to enable our mission to continue. 

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Upcoming gigs

Due to ongoing medical treatment........

....... Tony, our guitarist is having to fit in concerts between appointments, therefore we will be organising concerts as and when we can.

We are working on his speedy recovery to get back to normal workload, but in the meantime events will be announced at shorter notice than usual.

We thank you for your understanding and ongoing support for the band and our chosen charities.

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